This site has been created by a group of Ba’alei Batim who have been fortunate to form relationships with Rabbi Radner and have been impacted tremendously in our own learning as well as in our overall Avodas Hashem as husbands, fathers and businessmen. This growth has in turn found expression in our children who approach learning as essential to life with the ultimate goal of becoming Talmidei Chachamim. We feel that by creating this website we are sharing our tremendous resource with Klal Yisroel. While there is certainly no lack of Rabbanim and Magiddei Shiur, we feel that the breadth and depth of Torah knowledge that Rabbi Radner offers together with his infectious enthusiasm make his Shiurim uniquely engaging and inspiring.

The objective of this site is to provide high quality Torah content to Klal Yisroel. While there are a great deal of Torah websites with many different types of Shiurim, there is not an abundance of high level content. These Shiurim are directed at laymen like us who have experience learning but no longer have the time to plumb the depths of an Inyan in Shas but who would appreciate the opportunity of a Shiur which takes them through that journey.It is our belief that most of Klal Yisrael fits this description and would enjoy reconnecting with the enjoyment of Lomdus that they experienced in Yeshiva, were they just given the chance.

The biggest challenge in making this type of content available in print is the choice of language. This type of content has only been available in Hebrew and serves as a barrier to many laymen who no longer have the same comfort level with the type of Lashon Hakodesh that has been used in Seforim throughout history. We are therefore presenting this content in English as a means of making this content available to the broader Klal Yisroel.

The Weekly Lomdus Shiur is the primary basis for this website which is given weekly by Rabbi Radner to Ba’alei Batim. While there is no preparation required for this Shiur, one may find it beneficial to review the Ma’arei Mekomos before each Shiur. The Shiur is presented on a silver platter; all you have to do is come with an appetite!

The Choshen Mishpat Shiur is given each week to a group of businessmen and professionals in Waterbury, Connecticut going through the various topics of Choshen Mishpat as they relate to practical business. There is no preparation required for these Shiurim but you may find it beneficial to take notes due to the large amount of practical and interesting information conveyed in each Shiur.

The Yoreh De’ah Shiur is presented on each Se’if as a Chaburah intended to provide more depth and understanding of each Se’if intended for serious Talmidim looking for an in-depth understanding of Yoreh De’ah, and one who masters this complete series of Shiurim would be a strong candidate for Semicha. The only necessary preparation for this Shiur is to look over the Se’if, together with the Shach and Taz. We feel that these Shiurim will provide an opportunity to laymen who want to learn Yoreh De’ah comprehensively enough to earn Semichah.

The Mussar – Hashkafa Shiur is presented weekly to Bochurim in the Yeshiva Gedolah of Waterbury and deals with basic issues of Mussar and Hashkafa to equip Talmidim with the necessary perspectives for growth in yeshiva as well as throughout their lives. These Shiurim have the broadest appeal to Klal Yisrael and we are therefore including them as well even though they are given to Bochurim.